Do I have to...


Dress up? No! Many of our members do, but it's neither forced nor competitive. AetherFest members dress up for fun!

Know everything about Retro-Futurism? Not at all! AetherFest is perfect for newcomers, so be prepared to explore this vast and exciting world!

Pay Any Extra Fees? No! Your membership level covers everything in the convention allowed to your level. No extra and/or hidden costs besides what you spend with our amazing dealers!

Come to AetherFest? Yes! We're waiting.




What is retro-Futurism?


Retro-Futurism explores the themes of tension between past and future, and between the alienating and empowering effects of technology. Primarily reflected in artistic creations and modified technologies that realize the imagined artifacts of its parallel reality, retro-futurism has also manifested in the worlds of fashion, architecture, design, music, literature, film, and video games. From Steampunk to Dieselpunk to Cyberpunk, AetherFest embraces them all!

What is aetherfest?


AetherFest is Texas' premier Retro-Futurist convention, put together by fans for fans. Expect informative and fun panels, interactive workshops, fantastic guests of honor and local participants, diverse musicians and dances, and, of course, the decadent shindigs. We cover everything from literature to film and every possible form of Retro-Futurist media, so join us and your fellow Retro-Fans at AetherFest!

Texan Retro-Futurist Convention, November 21-23 2014, The Menger Hotel

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